Saturday, 8 June 2013

Getting started

This blog starts as I am 83 days or 2 months and 22 days away from leaving reach and starting a new working life as Orenda. The journey is a month or so old already and I could /should have started blogging before now. Its probably the hardest change journey I have chosen to make and not because its not fun, I am loving it. Nope. Its just that I find myself having to dance with uncertainty like I haven't ever chosen to before. What a wild dance partner she is. The whole of my life is her stage. She whips through every conversation sometimes thudding out a flamenco and other times licking gently at the very edges of my awareness, barely there but unwilling to go completely unnoticed. So hey, welcome to the world to which I have beckoned others demanding that the only way to live is to step into the dance. Until it becomes something else, this blog traces the steps until the opening number. Who knows. It might be instruction enough to enable other great people to join. ,two,, two,, two, three....and we are off.